Mon Marcel Elsa Dress

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Baby soft dress with long sleeves, button details on the front, a pleated skirt, and button closures on the back.  Mon Marcel is known for its extremely soft garments that are perfect for babies' delicate skin.

Material:  78% viscose | 17% polyamide | 5% elastane

Mon Marcel, a Catalan-Spanish designer children's brand, has been inspired by the scents of the French Provence and the air of the Mediterranean to design clothes for children. Mon Marcel garments are characterized by their simple, rich and clean lines that always exhibit personality. They achieve a minimalist, elegant, and comfortable style. The garments also have a surprising delicacy the soft touch and tenderness reminds us of the sensation of having a baby in our arms. Mon Marcel uses only the finest natural products, all carefully chosen. Each season we experiment with different products in summer 100% cotton garments; in winter, combinations of cotton, wool, and cashmere are always given special affection and attention. mon marcel cherishes the smallest details in order to have a neat finish.

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