Buho Cristian Melange Fleece Sweater

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Soft and stylish fleece sweater by Buho.  This cozy shirt is perfect for boys and girls.  It features a front pocket with a wooden button.  Please note that the color of the sweater is black with white speckles, as shown in the last image containing the pants.

Material:  100% cotton

Búho crafts styles with soft and carefully nurtured fabrics. Clothing with a style of nonchalance, simple but well-studied patterns, a warm and personal touch for children to enjoy their clothes without sacrificing comfort. That soft cuddly feeling is the result of the significant hard work to ensure that the quality of all the clothes in the Búho range live up to the brand's high standards. The fabrics and yarns come mainly from France, Spain, and Italy. Búho exercises close control over the quality of the sewing and also in support of what they represent of local and sustainable trade.

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