Join Our Mission and Help Us Recycle

Our mission is to offer families access to contemporary brands while promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle.  We want to be kinder to the environment and we need your help!  

Together we can reduce fashion waste and extend the life of our children's clothes. 

Shop for brand new clothes from our curated collection of children's clothes.  Each brand is carefully selected based on its environmental and social impact.  

Wear the clothes and have fun in them!  Trust that each garment on Bloom Moda is not only sustainable, but also durable.  They're built to endure the rough and tumble playtime!

Return your children's clothes back to us when you no longer need them.  We'll buy them back and give you Bloom Cash towards your future purchases. 

Recycle through us and we'll wash and mend the returned items before ensuring that another family enjoys them.  If an item is not usable, we partner with textile recyclers to find another use for the item (such as stuffing in a comfy sofa).

Your family will start the garment's story, and we'll ensure it carries on by re-purposing it for resale, donating it, or recycling it.  Your return can help a family in need or become the soft cushion of a sofa in another family's home.

Join us on our mission to help make sustainable fashion a reality!