Our Story

Bloom Moda was started to keep the world blooming.  We want to ensure that every garment we sell has multiple lives and does not end-up in a landfill. 

We believe that every garment has a story to tell.  But why should that story end when it’s owner has no more use for it?  At Bloom Moda, we want every garment purchased to tell multiple stories and have longevity.  When you shop, wear, return, and recycle with Bloom Moda you can be assured the garments that you once loved will help another family.  Perhaps it will help a family in need or even become part of a cozy sofa in a new home.

When you shop with Bloom Moda, you can trade-in your worn clothes to us, even if torn!  We pay for the return shipping and give you Bloom Cash towards future purchases. Returned items are donated, re-purposed for resale, or recycled. 

Our logo, the crane, is known to represent longevity.  The garments featured on Bloom Moda are hand selected and curated to make a trendy collection that will reflect your kids’ personal style and withstand their rough and tough playtime.  All featured styles are fabricated in a sustainable manner that are durable yet soft to the touch.

Start the story.  Shop, wear, return,and recycle with Bloom Moda so that we can keep the world blooming together!

With love,
Danielle & Priscila