What's "In Bloom" for S.P.R.I.N.G.

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Farewell to cruel, cold, "old man" winter and hello to "new" spring!  Yes it's S.P.R.I.N.G., according to my calendar.  S.P.R.I.N.G. brings to mind re-arranging your closet.  Of course this should be a "snap" if you have your V.C. (Virtual Closet)!  Now what do we put in our spring style file?  Spring clothes for boys and girls, must provide value, variety, and versatility.  Plus we have organic and eco-friendly clothes for the kids!

So let's get our families ready for S.P.R.I.N.G.  (Sustainable Practices (that will) Really Inspire (the) Next Generation) and put our kids on the early path of sustainable and organic clothes.  Here are the must have top trends of the season for little boys and girls, including pretty pastels and prints, new age neons, sassy stripes and standards, fabulous florals, cool checks, and natural neutrals.  Many are fashion go-to's and the latest fashion trends that always make the short list for S.P.R.I.N.G. (classic, florals, pastels, and seersucker).

Sassy Stripes/Standards
Stripes in pastel colors are scorching hot this season. Of course we must also give a head nod to the Nautical Navy and White, and last but certainly not least our Standard Black and White anything. Check these styles below from our Bloom Moda boutique!

Wheat Long Sleeved Body
Wheat - Baby Onesie/Body at Bloom Moda Online Children's Boutique

Tinycottons - Designer Kids shirt at Bloom Moda Children's Clothes Boutique


Little Indians Okay Hoodie

Little Indians - Designer Okay Shirt/Hoodie for boys and girls (unisex clothes) at Bloom Moda Online Children's Clothes Boutique

Little Indians Striped Skirt
Little Indians - Designer spring skirt for girls at Bloom Moda Online Designer Children's Clothes Boutique


Pretty Pastels and Prints
Pastels, patterns, and polka dots are "popping up" everywhere (like flowers in bloom)!  Why?  This season they can work for everyone.  Many are sporting the new "It" color of the season, which is highlighted below. 

Fabulous Florals

Fabulous florals are here and everything in bloom will not be in your garden!  The floral fashion invasion will be in full bloom before the flowers bud, so grab yourself and your children a bouquet of beautiful styles from Bloom Moda.

The "It Color" Yellow!
Yes, the season's "It Color" is yellow. It includes the full spectrum of yellow hues - mellow yellow, creamsicle, neon, and lemon. It's been seen in all trends and all over the runway shows at Fashion Week.  Some think yellow is too bright.  Tone it down with something neutral or classic like denim or white.

Now that you know what's "in bloom"! Let us all make responsible choices and have a fabulous S.P.R.I.N.G. (Sustainable Practices ( that will) Really Inspire (the) Next  Generation) with our families. 

Written by Delise Bynes

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