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Remember when we discussed "Crushing It with a sustainable wardrobe"? One of the first steps in building a sustainable closet is to go through your closet and get rid of the things you're not wearing (sounds good but not that simple). Question why aren't you wearing it? Remorse purchase (too expensive to get rid of) ; It doesn't fit ; you don't remember buying it (Ooowee you've got problems)!
Picture this: our "Perfect Wardrobe", shoes neatly lined up on a rack, shirts organized by color or style, dresses categorized by occasion, everything organized by season and purpose (yeah yeah yeah...sure sure sure).
OK shows over! Let’s be honest, for most of us this is not reality! Our closets are a "Hot Mess" of clothes we’ve thrown in and it’s impossible to find anything. So you, by default, wear the same thing over and over again, and it’s not because you have a capsule wardrobe. If it's finally apparent that you need help to managing your (and your family's) wardrobe. I have great news; you no longer have to live like this! You can organize your entire closet from your phone with an outfit app that can even help you pick outfits.
Tick-Tock tick-tock, it's time for a better way to manage your wardrobe. The Virtual Closet (VC) Aaaaahhh!!! Most also allow you to create packing lists, serve as a style app by giving style suggestions and even put together a calendar of all your outfits for the next week or month!

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There are numerous "VC's" So how do you choose? I made my choice based on compatibility (iOS/  Android) features, (the ability to back up my "Style File"), and ease of use. Choose one that meets your needs. So, without further ado, here are my "Fab 5", the five best apps you can use to organize your wardrobe, lower your consumption, and be a "Style Icon".

Smart Closet (my personal favorite)
I fell in love the day I found the Smart Closet app. Now that I could keep track of what clothing I owned, how often I wore and item. This app is similar to Stylebook (reviewed below), just you don't have to pay for it. You store a photo of each item of clothing and accessories & catalog these by type, colour, season, price & current availability (like in the laundry). It has a "Look Book" (or "Style File" in my case) of the different outfits you have built from items in your wardrobe or other inspiration boards from the Smart Closet website. It enables you to plan your outfits and store their photos onto a calendar that’s perfect when planning for an upcoming event. At the push of a button, you will now know what items in your wardrobe you are wearing and how often. You can even plan your travel outfits and compile the packing list. This ensures you only take what you know you’re going to wear (saving on those pesky luggage fees). If you must go shopping, the contents of your wardrobe are with you on your phone. You can check, at a glance, if an item will go with others in your wardrobe to ensure that you don’t make unnecessary purchases.

Conclusion? I love this app (can't you tell)! You go shopping in your own closet, mix and match pieces that you already have, and create new ways to style your wardrobe! It helps you make more informed (sustainable) decisions before buying clothes.

Price:  Free
Download Smart Closet:  Google Play Store  App Store

Style Book makes it super easy to create your virtual closet, simply take photos of your clothes and Style Book does the rest, even removing the background from your photos so that it is easy to combine clothes and see what outfits will look like. Once you’ve added your clothes you can sort them into different categories of your choosing and the great thing is they stay in those categories, unlike real clothes that quickly turn into a mixed up jumble. With Stylebook you can create and save as many outfits that look good on you as your imagination allows. With calendar view you can assign outfits to certain days, making it easier than ever to plan your outfits for the week ahead.

Conclusion? For the price I think the app is so cool, and it allows you to structure and organize your wardrobe too. 

Price: $3.99
Download Stylebook:  App Store
Stylish Girl
I would be remised if I didn’t mention the popular Stylish Girl app!  It’s not only a wardrobe organizer app, but also a clothes shopping app.  It’s the ultimate closet app - revolving around the clothes in your closet and the clothes you love to have in your closet!  It’s only available in the App store as it was presented by Apple in the New York Fashion Week.  Many publications are raving about it and was also featured in:

  • InStyle
  • The Huffington Post
  • And many Fashion blogs

Fashion is all about how you put your clothes together.  The Stylish Girl app allows you to mix and match your clothes along with clothes you’re considering buying.  This helps reduce consumption and duplication of similar items.  Some of its features include cataloging your closet and wish list, creating and styling outfits, and you can share your outfits with friends.  Another cool feature lets you browse online items to mix and match with your clothes and outfits.

Conclusion? It’s a great app!  There’s a reason why two million users have already downloaded it and it’s free.  It’s great if you’re looking for a wardrobe planner plus a clothes shopping app. 
Price:  Free
Download Stylish Girl:  App Store    
This app is for you desktop mavens!  You can access this app either through your computer or on the mobile app.  This makes it very convenient for flexible styling. If you like to refrain from being an outfit repeater then this app is for you. Once you upload your clothes into the virtual closet and start creating outfits, the app can track the last time you wore a certain something (allowing you to space out your options). The app also gives 'Daily Outfit' recommendations based on the weather for the day!  The app has many of the same feature of the aforementioned applications plus it allows you to track cost per wear.  The ClosetSpace app let’s you enter in a lot of information about each piece of clothing.  Talk about getting bang for your buck!
Conclusion? It’s cool that this app is free and suggests styles and outfits based on the weather.  However, it requires more work than others and information. So, if you don’t mind doing all the hard work yourself, then it’s definitely a good alternative.
Price: Free
Download ClosetSpace:  App Store 
Cool Guy
I’m listing one more fashion app, because Men like to have a "killer wardrobe" too. This one is the male counterpart to Stylish Girl, and it’s particularly helpful thanks to the ability to create outfits from different pieces of clothing you find.
Cool Guy understands that it’s not just women that want to organize their closet and make outfit planning easier than ever.  This app is tailored towards men in a rush, with a clear design and easy to use tools.   Some of its cool features include uploading photos of clothes, removal of backgrounds in photos, and sorting of clothes into categories.  Essentially, Cool Guy lets men take control and manage their wardrobe.  It’s even good for laundry day!  Plan your wardrobe for the work week and leave a few items to be washed another day.
Per the website, Cool Guy “It’s your virtual closet, fashion newsstand, on-line shopping portal, a bag packer for that vacation trip, and your outfit album.” 
Conclusion?  It’s just about everything most men would need to look good whenever they go out.

Price:  Free
Download Cool Guy:  App Store

If you're ready to create an organized, amazing (sustainable wardrobe), these Virtual Closet (VC) apps will make all of your not so great fashion choices disappear... Aaaaahhh!!!
Special thanks to all of the website articles viewed to compile my "Fan 5"!

Written by Delise Bynes

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