Sustainability is Not a Trend

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Many believe that "Climate Change" is a myth created by scientists half a century ago. History has proven that "Climate Change" is real! the carbon footprint breakdown
The world is in a race to limit climate change. To meet the urgent need to address climate change and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, UN Secretary-General António Guterres is convening a UN 2019 Climate Summit in September 2019 to raise ambition and increase climate action around the theme - The race is on. It is a race we can win. It is a race we must win!
So...What's my Motivation?  Let's start at the beginning of our "Sustainability Quest". 
Your "carbon footprint (CO2)" is the amount of greenhouse gases—primarily carbon dioxide—released into the atmosphere by a particular human activity.  Every human activity generates (CO2). Wait...There's more! Many of us have no idea how our current lifestyle impacts our (CO2).  Do you have any idea what your carbon footprint is? The truth might scare you! Henkel (European consumer goods company) made a great carbon footprint calculator! Follow the link below to find out your contribution to "Climate Change" (we'll cover lifestyle changes in a future blog post):
Before you ask... yes I've taken the quiz. Here are my results:
"How Big is Your Carbon Footprint?
The carbon footprint for my household is 3.9.  That is below the global average of 4.9 and the European average of 6.9.  It is also equivalent to 0.49 times around the world or 0.44 soccer fields covered with trees. 
At the 2017 Convention, the speaker talked about a boxer who was the first to ever give up and quit fighting in the ring. From that day on, no matter what he did, he was always remembered as the one boxer who gave up. He forfeited his chance for victory because he refused to stay in the ring! So... are you going to stay in the ring or throw in the towel???
Sustainability is not a "Trend", it’s a "Global Goal"! Everyone must be ready to fight for the future of this planet (it's the only one that we have). If You Don't See The Change... Then You Must Be The Change!
Come back and checkout my future blog:
No Nonsense Tips for Sustainable Living: 10 Things You Can Do Today to Be More Earth-friendly 

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